Aug 2017 - Present

Sr. Software Engineer


As the software engineer, I was involved and participated in the overall backend codebase lifecycle. Being the senior engineer at the company, I was enabled to develop, design and optimize APIs, database models, data storage solution, for maximum speed and scalability as well as to take lead on projects as needed.

I was responsible for:

  • Apply best coding practices, to write clean, reusable and future-proof code, covered with unit tests.
  • Design, development, optimization and maintenance of DRF APIs with over 120k+ lines of Django code
  • Structure and optimization of database models with 350+ Django models
  • Billing system implementation and multiple payment gateway integrations
  • Design, development, optimization and maintenance of Celery services code
  • Design, development, optimization, and maintenance of S3 as the primary Django storage

  • Django & DRF
  • Postgresql
  • Celery
  • Ansible
  • Redis
  • AWS, DigitalOcean

Oct 2018 - Present

Co-Founder & FullStack Developer


As the one of two co-founders, I designed and developed a Web Application which collects, in real time, truck & car spare parts prices and other information from various of different stores. It enables users to save time and money because a search that would usually take an hour, with SPAREPARTS WEB APP takes only 30 seconds.

It's developed in a way so that number of scrapers (worker servers) is scaled programmatically, through an admin interface or automatically behind the scenes depending on the load. This enabled us to optimize cost while keeping a search processing time under 30 seconds for each user.

Technologies used:

  • NodeJS / Koa / Typescript
  • MongoDB
  • React / Redux / SaaS
  • Docker
  • Prometheus / Grafana

Apr 2016 - Present

Founder & FullStack Developer


As the founder of AdSignal project, I've designed and developed a Web Application, which collects, periodically, in mater of minutes, car ads from classifieds ads websites, process ad information and notifies AdSignal user if the ad information satisfy criteria set by the user. Notification system is implemented through Pushover.

The application uses NodeJS for scraping websites as well as for processing data which enabled me to save on infrastructure cost.

Technologies used:

  • Nodejs
  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Redis

Aug 2015 - Aug 2017

FullStack Developer


As the only developer on the project, I was responsible for development of new features, website maintenance and the whole cloud infrastructure maintenance, improvement and scalability.

Also, single-handedly marketed the website into 2nd most visited classified ads website in Croatia during my time there, with 200k sessions a day and millions daily page views. This forced me to make the infrastructure resilient by introducing load balancing, DB replication, caching, file storage and robust backup for both database and uploaded media files.

Technologies used:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • NodeJS

Jun 2013 - Aug 2017


During this period I worked on and off as a freelancer on various projects from web applications, web stores, WordPress/Joomla/Drupal sites, stateful and stateless landing pages, etc.

You can find some of my work during this time on my portfolio page asamuga.com

OSS Contributions


Demo  |  Github

Open source scaffolding Web Application for managing car rental business. Built with Laravel & AngularJS.


IT Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology @ TVZ - Zagreb University of Applied Sciences



Web Application Architecture

Cloud Architecture

NodeJS / PHP / Python


Scripting languages (Python, Shell)

SQL (Postgres, MySQL Percona)

NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch)

CI/CD (Jenkins)

Monitoring (Prometheus, Alertmanager)

Logging (ELK Stack)

Docker, Kubernetes

AWS, DigitalOcean